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Review: Good Night & Good Luck and Tropico

June 24, 2011

Well, not too much going on right now. This review’s going up on time, Part 8 of my Battlefield Vietnam Let’s Play will go up as soon as I remember where I put my microphone, and I’ve got something special in mind for July, but you’ll find out about that tomorrow. Anyway, here’s Good Night, and Good Luck¬†and Tropico.

Back in 1953, there were a few notable things going on in America. The Korean War was coming to a close, Wisconsin senator Joe McCarthy was hunting communists and finding them everywhere, and the big three networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) decided to take on the newspapers with their own news programs. One of the most famous of these was See It Now, hosted by journalism legend Edward R. Murrow.

The movie, told mostly in flashback, focuses on Murrow and his team at CBS taking on Joe McCarthy over an Air Force pilot from Chicago who was forced to retire because his father supposedly had ties to communism. I say supposedly because the charges and all the evidence were delivered to the court in a sealed envelope that was never opened. Despite the objections of his boss, on the grounds that CBS sponsor Alcoa relies heavily on government contracts, they run the piece and wait for the phones to start ringing. The tension builds to near the bursting, at which point someone in the back of the room asks if he should turn the phones back on.

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