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Review: Troll 2 and Terrorist Takedown

April 22, 2011

Oh, have I ever got a treat for you this week. Troll 2 is an awful movie, but it’s a very special kind of awful. There’s a certain kind of…grandeur that creeps in, and you wind up asking how they had the balls to make this hilarious horror film.

The story starts off by ripping off The Princess Bride. A boy’s grandfather is telling him a story about goblins who turn people into plants and eat them. Also, the goblins look like Father Time took a bat to some Ewoks. ┬áSo the grandfather stops reading, the boy’s mother comes in, and reveals the grandfather’s been dead for six months. AHHHH! THE MILDEST AND CHEAPEST OF ALL SCARES!

And then we launch head long into exposition theater. She talks about how the family is going on vacation for a month, checks on her daughter who appears to be bench-pressing about thirty pounds, then goes downstairs where her husband is making arrangements to have someone look after his business while they’re away, mentioning the village is named “Nilbog” (Yeah, goblin spelled backwards).

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