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Review: Saints Row 2

February 17, 2012

Y’know, sometimes it’s difficult to review games. Sure, it’s easy when games are good, and it’s also pretty easy, if a little painful, when games are bad. And then you get games that are kind of indescribable.

This is one of these games.

Let’s face the facts here, any review of Saints Row 2 is going to eventually bring up Grand Theft Auto. The games are very similar, and reviewers really don’t like to do a lot of writing or research. So  Random Modern Sandbox Game comes out? Compare it to Grand Theft Auto. This is GTA4 on crack. This is what would have resulted if Rockstar NYC had given Rockstar Toronto no limits beside no superpowers and no visible nudity, and a budget of infinity dollars.

The character creation mode is possibly the most insane part of the game. Yes, there are explosions, and the explosions are insane. But with the character creation, you can make practically anything, from the hideous…

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