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Review: Republic – The Revolution

August 14, 2011

If you follow the blog regularly, you probably already know about the love I have for the game Freedom Fighters. Now you may be wondering what Freedom Fighters has to do with Republic: The Revolution. Well, unfortunately not much. Freedom Fighters is a third person shooter with an epic soundtrack where alternate history Soviets invade the United States. Republic: The Revolution is a mostly top down political strategy game with an epic soundtrack where the player character has to form a party to lead a political revolt against the man who arrested and possibly murdered his parents ten years ago.

Most of your time playing Republic: The Revolution is going to be looking at a map of the city, which is divided up into various districts. These districts are colored red, yellow, or blue based on which resource they give the most of: force, wealth, or influence. These resources relate to the various actions you can run from the map. For instance, investigate is a force action, while bribe is a wealth action. It’s really a case of rock paper scissors. Wealth beats force, force beats influence and influence beats wealth.

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