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Ding Dong, The Paul Is Fired!

December 29, 2011

If you’re reading about video games, then you’re probably aware of the site Penny Arcade!. And if you know PA!, then you’ve probably heard about the email war between Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing and Doug [No Last Name Given], who ordered two Avenger controllers from N-Control. Paul flat-out insulted Dave when the latter dared to complain about the constant delays and the fact that new orders got preferential treatment, getting a $10 discount.

And then things turned ugly. Dave sent the emails to Mike Krahulk (Gabe of PA!), who said that if it came down to it, he would kick the company out of PAX. At which point Paul doubled-down, not only daring Mike to do something, but outright saying that he and his PR people would smear Penny Arcade. So, Mike did the only thing that came natural to him: He put up Paul’s contact info for all to see.

Paul has since been fired by N-Control. So, if you’re going to send an email to anyway, keep in mind that it’s not this Paul douche. Show the new guy some love. @OceanMarketing on twitter is still fair game. Just leave his relatives out of it.