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Review: What’s Your Number?

March 26, 2012

Well, this has been a productive fucking month, hasn’t it? I had intended for this to be the first of my video reviews, but things always kept coming up, not to mention the sudden wanderlust of my parents and their wanting to bring me along for the ride, and the corner I’d intended to reviews from was cluttered as hell, and I never got around to cleaning up, and I was kind of hoping for someone to throw out a halfway decent chair, and I turned into a lazy bastard in March, and I have little to no enthusiasm for the movies I picked, and it would just be unfeasible to get five reviews plus two impact recaps (three if you count the one that’s been sitting unedited on my hard drive for the past week or so) done while my father’s off for spring break, and the DVR isn’t working in either bedroom despite being a whole-house DVR, and the repair guy never showed today, and I want some iced tea, and I know you know I want it now.

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