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Lingerie Football League

October 22, 2011

Well, I took some time off, but I have to admit, it feels good to be back. I’ve grieved, felt better, and ultimately, it is kind of a relief knowing that she isn’t in any more pain.

Anyway, on to the matter at hand. Lingerie Football.

I want you, just y’know, as you think of this concept, just ask yourself one question: “Is this really necessary?”

Now, I don’t mean in the sense of athletic competition, because that’s not the point of this. No one’s really watching this for the athletics, just like no one’s watching wrestling for the story and the behind the scenes politics (Take the hint, TNA iMPACT Impact Wrestling). So, if we accept the fact that everyone watching is just in it for the boobs and the butts, it still doesn’t make any sense because there are much easier ways to see hot women.

The internet, for example. The internet is absolutely jam packed full of pictures of ladies (and men, and women with man-parts. I’ve seen some sick shit, and you DO NOT want links.) in various states of undress. Really, with just the sheer amount of pictures and videos and even a few games catering to any number of fetishes, if you’re resorting to lingerie football for sexual gratification, get an external hard drive and stock up.

The only people I can imagine this holding any attraction for is that small subsection that has enough money to afford cable, but doesn’t have any kind of internet connection, and if you’re in this group how are you reading this are you a wizard?

Anyway, I’ve got that off my chest. For Halloween, I’ll be taking a look at a TV movie that was part of my childhood, The Halloween Tree. I haven’t actually seen this one on in quite a while, I’m not even sure it’s being broadcast anymore. I think it might have fallen by the wayside in favor of classics like the Peanuts special.