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Review: Back to the Future Season 2 and OUTATIME

July 30, 2011

And so we come to the end of this long month of Back to the Future,  and I can honestly say I’m glad. I have a great love of Back to the Future, but even something you love can get can get tiring after five straight weeks. I never thought it would happen, but I think I’m actually done with Back to the Future for a while. So, without further ado, here it is.

Season two of the animated series is very similar to the first season. In fact, the base format is the same: short intro from Christopher Lloyd, the cartoon itself, and Christopher Lloyd and Bill Nye doing science. The two biggest changes are the opening sequence, which now has clips from the first season of the show, and the experiments done at the end of the show, which take a more dangerous turn. The first episode’s experiment is making a cannon out of a two liter bottle, vinegar, baking soda, and a cork. I’d like to point out that if you put the cork on too tight, it stops being a cannon and starts being a bomb. This is only two ingredients different from a dry ice bomb.

Or the second episode’s experiment, which involves using a ball of clay, a baseball, and some string to simulate gravity, and possibly break a neighbor’s window or a sibling’s teeth. I’m starting to think this may be why the show got canceled. Hitting your sister in the face with a baseball is considered by most parents groups to be a bad thing. Not that I’ve had any first hand experience or anything…

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Review: Back to the Future Part II and Episode II

July 8, 2011

Wow, time sure flies when you’re not paying any attention and it’s too dark out to see the sun because of all the thunderstorms.

Anyway, Back to the Future Part II and Episode II: Get Tannen! Honestly, Part II is my absolute favorite of all of the Back to the Future movies. The actors seem more comfortable in their roles, in particular the way Christopher Lloyd really gets a chance to play up Doc Brown and his constant wild gestures. In Part I, Marty was really the focus of the story (what with being trapped thirty years in the past and all), and Doc was really given more of a supporting role relative to Marty. In Part II, Doc and Marty work more as a team, and they’re both on screen for roughly the same amount of time, so it’s really much more of a partnership than a hero-sidekick relationship like Part I.

The storyline’s also been given a kick in the ass. Part I was really about the misadventures of an average teenager (with a hot as hell girlfriend and the fingers of a rock and roll legend, but I digress) who winds up flung into the past and must reunite his parents with the help of his future absent-minded professor friend. Part II is really a lot more character driven, and thus a whole lot darker, showcasing a lot of the dangers of time travel that Part I didn’t really have the scope to mention. Here, Marty’s family is a lot better off (due to his actions in the 50s) but no less screwed up, and by way of Marty’s actions in 2015 and Old Biff’s actions back in the 50s, his life quickly goes to hell, as does the rest of Hill Valley (but I’ll cover that later).

Anyway, I’m sorry for making you read through all that before getting to the actual review, but like I said, I have a history with this series.

Part II picks up exactly where Part I (at least the DVD release) left off. Marty gets up at half past ten after a very hectic week thirty years in the past, to find his life drastically improved. His sister is a hit with the guys, his brother works at an office building instead of Burger King, his parents are in better shape than they ever were in the original timeline, and he has that bitchin’ truck from the start of Part I, and Jennifer is all ready for their date that night. They lean in for a kiss…and Doc shows up in the Delorean, freshly outfitted with a Mr. Fusion (100% reduction in Libyan Terrorists trying to kill you GUARANTEED!) and a hover-conversion (why drive when you can fly?), telling him that he needs Marty to come back with him (“Back where?” “Back to the future!”), and that it’s related to his and Jennifer’s kids. Meanwhile, Jennifer is just looking at this possibly crazy sixty plus year old man talking about her and Marty’s kids at some undetermined point in the future, and she is fucking lost. Read the rest of this entry ?