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Ain’t That A Bitch: NFL Fantasy Football

December 30, 2012

So, yeah. Been a while. There’s a little background for this one. Last season, I wound up second after being intensely involved in the league. I made a spreadsheet of the players I was hoping to get in the draft. I was making changes to the lineup once, maybe twice a week based on how I thought the players would preform next week. That level of dedication got me second place my first real time out.

This year, on the other hand, I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t participate in the draft, with all of my players picked by the computer. And I didn’t change around my roster at all. You know where I wound up? Before I tell you, go find a pen and paper or pull up a text editor and write down your guess for where I wound up in a field of twelve. I’ll give you some time.









Ready? Fourth. I wound up fourth. By doing absolutely nothing.

If I’d scored three more points in last week’s game, I would have won the league.

I…I’m not even how that happens. Think about that for a moment. A team whose owner and head coach is completely uninvolved in any of the processes running the team goes on to first place in the league.

Ain’t that a bitch?


Review: Dexter

December 4, 2012

First and foremost, UNICEF is raising money for children in Malawi schools to get desks. There are kids over there who are sitting on concrete floors and dirt floors, and it’s really doing a number their ability to learn. If you can, if you would like to give, you can do so here: UNICEF

Second, things are stabilizing a bit, but updates are still going to come in fits and starts for the foreseeable future. I won’t be following any schedule, which should help things.

And now, your featured presentation.

There is a Dexter video game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Showtime series, Dexter is about a blood spatter analyst with the Miami police. And he kills people who evidence shows have been wrongly freed from the justice system. And collects their blood. Not in, like, jars or anything, but on microscope slides. Get it? Because he’s a foren-you get the picture.

There is a game based on this.

I am absolutely shocked that this game got made. Mainly because you play a killer. And it’s a game where you actively stalk and kill people (albeit, yes, people who are themselves killers). It’s kind of weird.

As for the game itself, it’s not bad. It follows closely the events of the first season, with the first kill in the game being Dexter’s first victim in the show, the choir director who was dead five minutes into the pilot. After that, you return to Dexter’s lovingly-rendered apartment where a message from his adoptive sister Debra awaits. And that’s where the game starts to impress me, because they got all of the voice actors to come in and reprise their roles for the game. And all of them give good reads, with the notable exception of Julie Benz who, in her defense, was about a season away from leaving the show.

The game itself isn’t bad – the first season is done well even if the graphics look a bit dated (c. 2005-ish). But the sticking point is that the game is kind of…unsettling, as a game where you play a serial killer might well be. It forces you to think like a serial killer to a certain point, and frankly that’s a place in my own head where I don’t want to go. And having Michael C. Hall’s dark narration over characters with soulless eyes really isn’t helping matters any.

I…I can’t recommend this game. But it’s not for anything in particular with the game. It’s the fact that the source material really shouldn’t have been adapted to a game. It just really gives me the creeps.


Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition

December 30, 2011

I…have a history with this game. I was in college, and it was right around the time that the game came out – which would make it my fourth year. I was taking a class in either 3D modeling or animation, and my teacher had the game. It was right around Spring Break, so the course was already over (despite the fact that we had one more week of class – still can’t exactly figure that out), the final projects were handed in, and Mr. V. brought in his desktop, rigged it to the projector, and we all took turns playing the game (If I remember right,  he also brought in the leaked work print of the movie sometime earlier).

I remember being blown away by the visuals back then, and they’ve aged remarkably well in almost three years. The only little fault I find is the wound texture. During the game, as Wolverine takes ungodly amounts of punishment wounds will start showing up on his body. The textures are a little jagged, but the fact that they appear and recede based on your health is pretty cool.

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Ding Dong, The Paul Is Fired!

December 29, 2011

If you’re reading about video games, then you’re probably aware of the site Penny Arcade!. And if you know PA!, then you’ve probably heard about the email war between Paul Christoforo of Ocean Marketing and Doug [No Last Name Given], who ordered two Avenger controllers from N-Control. Paul flat-out insulted Dave when the latter dared to complain about the constant delays and the fact that new orders got preferential treatment, getting a $10 discount.

And then things turned ugly. Dave sent the emails to Mike Krahulk (Gabe of PA!), who said that if it came down to it, he would kick the company out of PAX. At which point Paul doubled-down, not only daring Mike to do something, but outright saying that he and his PR people would smear Penny Arcade. So, Mike did the only thing that came natural to him: He put up Paul’s contact info for all to see.

Paul has since been fired by N-Control. So, if you’re going to send an email to anyway, keep in mind that it’s not this Paul douche. Show the new guy some love. @OceanMarketing on twitter is still fair game. Just leave his relatives out of it.


Review: Fable III

December 28, 2011

Gather ’round friends and I shall tell the tale of the Hero of Albion. Once, many years ago, the Old Kingdom was governed by men called the Archons. The first Archon’s rule was peaceful, and his people were prosperous. But slowly the source of the Archon’s power, the Sword of Aeons, began to corrupt him. Soon, the land fell into ruin, each city controlling their lands. The Hero of Albion was but a boy when his home town of Oakvale was attacked by the Jack of Blades.

Under the tutelage of the old hero Maze, the Hero of Albion grew into a champion of the Heroes Guild and in time took his revenge on the Jack of Blades. The child would go on to become the new King of Albion, ruling for fifty years until, at the dawn of the age of industry, his death led to the takeover of the kingdom by his son, Logan, who rules the land with an iron hand. The people are unhappy with Logan’s policies. And so the Second Hero of Albion rose to cast off their brother and take control of the kingdom.

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Review: L.A. Noire

December 28, 2011

L.A. Noire is one of the most consistently positively reviewed games in recent memory. For the past year or so, people have been more or less gushing over it, with an 89 on metacritic and ranked twelfth in a class of two hundred forty on the Xbox 360. I’m not the type to read into reviews too much (which is a shame, because it would make writing them infinitely easier), but after some hands on experience, it’s pretty good.

You play as Cole Phelps, an honest cop in a corrupt city who served with the Marines as a lieutenant during World War II. The game consists of five police desks, each concerning a different area: Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson. The patrol desk serves as sort of a tutorial, showing the basics of movement and investigation, armed and unarmed combat, and interrogation and interview techniques. After four missions as a patrolman, he is promoted to the traffic desk, where he solves cases involving an abandoned car full of blood (the suspected victim faked his death), a hit and run (he was stabbed and pushed in front of a car), and an attempted murder dressed up as a car accident (they survived, and it wound up leading to a porn ring operating out of a prop house).

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Review: Call of Duty Black Ops

December 26, 2011

Alex Mason. Elite special forces Marine. Involved in black operations in Cuba and Vietnam.
Jason Hudson. Special Agent for the CIA and Mason’s handler during black operations.
They fight communists.

In the seventh Call of Duty installment, you primarily control Alex Mason, a Marine chosen for the CIA’s Special Activities Division, and when you’re not controlling Mason, you take over his handler, CIA Special Agent Jason Hudson. The game starts at the height of the Cold War, 1968. Mason is strapped into a chair, being interrogated about his activities during Operation 40, and specifically during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. This serves as the first mission in the game.

Mason, Marine Sergeant Frank Woods, and Chief Petty Officer Joseph Bowman are inserted into Havana just before the landing of invasion forces in April 17th, with the intention of assassinating Fidel Castro. Things start going downward almost immediately when the bar is raided by Cuban police, and the three have to shoot their way out. They make their way to Castro’s plantation/villa where, after a firefight…

…Mason apparently shoots Castro in the head. The exfiltration goes wrong, and Mason stays behind to make sure that the plane gets away safely. And then things get even worse, as Mason is captured by Cubans and brought before the real Fidel Castro. As it turns out, Mason killed a double, and Fidel is not exactly thrilled. He turns Mason over to Soviet General Nikita Dragovitch, who imprisons him in the gulag at Vorkuta.

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