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Review: Training Day

August 21, 2011

It seems about time for me to do a movie review, after two game reviews in a row. And what better time than towards the end of the month, so that I can take it off the list of “shit that needs doing”.

So. Training Day.¬†Ethan Hawke plays Jake Hoyt, a young cop with the LAPD. He’s scheduled to be evaluated to work in narcotics with Alonzo Harris, played by Denzel Washington in a departure from his normal roles. Hoyt meets Harris in a coffee shop, and from there they go to the “office”, a modified ’79 Chevy Monte Carlo. Harris convinces Hoyt to tell him the real reason he wants in to narcotics, which is to make detective. They head to a park where they see one of Alonzo’s informants dealing in the park, and instead of arresting the buyers he simply confiscates the drugs. He forces Jake to smoke one of the joints, not telling him it was laced with PCP.

On their way to a dealer’s home, Jake spots two thugs assaulting a teenage girl, whose cousin happens to be a Mexican gangster. They go to the dealer’s home with a faked search warrant so Alonzo can steal his drug money. They stop at LA’s notorious Baldwin Village neighborhood to visit Alonzo’s girlfriend and young son, and then proceed to a meeting with the “Three Wise Men”, high-ranking members of the LAPD and LA justice system. They tell Alonzo that they know about his debt, and he gets approval from them to “cash in on an account”, giving them the confiscated drug money in exchange for an arrest warrant. Jake and Alonzo head to a nearby car park to meet up with several other narcotics officers and gear up for a raid.

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Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still and True Crime: Los Angeles

March 18, 2011

So the interview I had today went a lot better than I expected. But I’ll cover that later. Suffice it to say that I managed to not throw up or any number of other disgusting biological functions.

So, now that a good portion of you are disgusted, let’s get to the review! The Day The Earth Stood Still was made in 1951, and it still stands today as one of the foremost examples of the B-movie. A spaceship lands in the middle of the President’s Park Elipse, just south of the White House. Out comes Klaatu, saying he’s on a goodwill mission, but the army takes the Jim West approach to diplomacy: shoot first, shoot again, shoot some more, and then when everybody’s dead try to ask a question or two. One of the soldiers wounds him, and he busts the viewer that he brought for the President. His robot Gort gets pissed and disintegrates all the weapons.

They take him to an army hospital and put him under heavy guard, but he still manages to escape anyway. He gets to a nearby boarding house where he pretends to be a man named Mr. Carpenter. There he meets Helen Benson, a widow of World War II, and her son, Bobby. Naturally, being the loving parent she is, she leaves her son with the mysterious stranger who showed up the day that an alien ship landed.

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