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Ain’t That A Bitch: NFL Fantasy Football

December 30, 2012

So, yeah. Been a while. There’s a little background for this one. Last season, I wound up second after being intensely involved in the league. I made a spreadsheet of the players I was hoping to get in the draft. I was making changes to the lineup once, maybe twice a week based on how I thought the players would preform next week. That level of dedication got me second place my first real time out.

This year, on the other hand, I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t participate in the draft, with all of my players picked by the computer. And I didn’t change around my roster at all. You know where I wound up? Before I tell you, go find a pen and paper or pull up a text editor and write down your guess for where I wound up in a field of twelve. I’ll give you some time.









Ready? Fourth. I wound up fourth. By doing absolutely nothing.

If I’d scored three more points in last week’s game, I would have won the league.

I…I’m not even how that happens. Think about that for a moment. A team whose owner and head coach is completely uninvolved in any of the processes running the team goes on to first place in the league.

Ain’t that a bitch?


Ain’t That A Bitch: APB Reloaded

December 30, 2011

I was surfing the youtubes earlier today when I came across this video of people playing All Points Bulletin Reloaded.

I’d heard of APB a few months back, but I never managed to install it (Every time I tried, the client that the publisher uses froze harder than…something that freezes really hard). But now that it’s on Steam, I finally managed to get it on my computer. I’ve had it running for about forty five minutes now, but that’s not where the ATAB comes in.

First of all, the fuck is up with these unskippable scenes on startup? It’s not a game that you really need to know the backstory on; I don’t know why the game is so insistent that you care. Second and most frustrating, here is how my play experience went: I logged in, created a character, and then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. And then, while it was still loading the fucking game, I was logged off by the system for inactivity.

This would have been enough for an ATAB on its own, but it was soon after topped when I logged back in. Again, I waited, and waited, and then the screen flashed black and I thought, “Alright, something is going to happen.” It showed the same thing that I saw while loading…and then it started loading again. After about five more minutes of loading, the system logged me off for inactivity again.

Ain’t that a bitch?


Ain’t That A Bitch: Real Lives

August 2, 2011

Real Lives is a game (or rather, a series of games) that lets the player experience a little bit of what it’s like to grow up in a different part of the world. For instance, I had one life as a politically active Russian artist. He ended up being arrested twice because of it, did one year in prison, and died of an “accidental” poisoning only months before having the rubles to emigrate to the United States. Ain’t that a bitch?