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Review: Grand Theft Auto IV

August 6, 2012

Hoo boy, Grand Theft Auto IV.

Well, I suppose I should start out with the good things. The city is heartbreakingly beautiful, in particular Algonquin/Manhattan. The Broker/Brooklyn Bridge is a fair match for its real-life counterpart, the famous landmarks of New York are all present (with the exception of Ground Zero/The 9/11 Memorial/Three World Trade Center), and the civilian A.I. makes Liberty City feel alive.

I really dug the story and thought that Niko was a good choice as the first immigrant protagonist in the 3D-eras of Grand Theft Auto. Some of the missions were a little…predictable, given the history of stories in the series (for instance, the inevitable betrayal to end the first act), but I’d describe them to be, collectively, too easy, and I am not widely known for enjoying a stiff challenge. Although, my favorite mission of all would probably be the bank robbery, mainly for how the running firefight reminded me of Heat.

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Review: The Three Stooges and Multi-Theft Auto

May 7, 2012

First, I want to thank everyone for their patience with me. It has been a long-ass couple of months, but I’m working on wrapping up the last reviews of April now. But, for now, here’s this. Last weekend (this would be April 29th), I saw The Three Stooges. Now that a week has passed, I feel comfortable giving you a brief synopsis.

The Three Stooges

As babies, the stooges are left on the doorstep of the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage. At the age of ten, Moe is nearly adopted by a wealthy couple, but is taken back after he can’t bear to be separated from Larry and Curly, with the wealthy couple taking a fourth boy, Teddy, home. Over the course of thirty plus years, they cause the orphanage to rack up more than eight hundred thousand dollars in medical bills, so they must leave to make their way in the world to earn the money to save the orphanage.

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Review: The Muppets

December 6, 2011

I went to the movies last saturday, which means that in a first for this site, I’m going to review a movie that’s still in theaters. Yes, the Muppets are back in theaters for the first time since 1999.

We start with Walter, a previously unseen muppet, and Gary, his brother, which I guess makes being made of felt a medical condition all of a sudden. Walter grew up idolizing the muppets, seeing that someone like himself ultimately can make something of themselves. Jump forward a few years. Gary is going to go on a trip to Los Angeles with his girlfriend of ten years, Mary. This would be a romantic gesture if it weren’t for the fact that Gary has also invited Walter along so he can tour the Muppet Studios.

After finally making it to LA, they find the Muppet Studios in sorry shape. Everything is run down, the buildings are covered in cobwebs and dead leaves, and this includes Kermit’s office. While the rest of the tour group continues on, Walter stays behind in the office, hiding under a table when our main villain, oil magnate Tex Richman comes in with Statler and Waldorf. The two old men are planning to sell the Muppet Theater to Richman, but there’s a plot device clause in the contract stating that if the Muppets can raise ten million dollars, they can buy the theater back. After Statler and Waldorf leave, Walter learns that Richman plans to tear down the theater to get at the sweet, delicious oil underneath.

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