September 25, 2012

I hate to do it again, but things around here are well and truly fucked, so I’m going to have to go on hiatus again. And this time, it’s indefinite, because of the sheer preponderance of shit that has gone down, and believe me, it’s been building for a while.

First came my father being laid off by the school board in anticipation of funding cuts in November (this was back in early June). Then unemployment refused to cover him because the school board claimed that he quit. Then my maternal grandfather had a mini-stroke, my father was denied disability because our cars are worth too much, my cousin crashed the car we let my aunt borrow, and now my uncle’s threatened to leave her, even though none of us know where the fuck he’s going to go because his brother sure as shit won’t take him in.

Those last two happened just tonight. So yeah, it’s been a shit-caked couple of months.


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