Coming Attractions: September 2012

September 5, 2012

Hey, you know what’s fun? Movie adaptations!

No, that’s a lie. But mocking bad ones is. So, Adaptation Month is go!

September 7th: Things kick off with a film thirty years in the making, about a secret service agent, his inventive friend, and the legless ex-Confederate with a giant mechanical spider they fight, Wild Wild West.

September 14th: Tom Arnold goes against Tim Curry in the month’s second feature, McHale’s Navy.

September 21st: We continue with a movie that I’ve heard some bad things about, The X-Files: Fight the Future.

September 28th: We finish out the month with another example of  a distinct lack of quality, and possibly the worst thing I’ve seen Christopher Lloyd in, My Favorite Martian.

Huh. Now that I think about it, all of those movies are from the late nineties. It’s almost as if that decade was the epicenter of suck for adaptations of TV shows.

You’ll also see a double review of Aces High, a World War II combat sim and Prisoner of War, a 2002 stealth game taking place in, of all places, a series of German POW camps, and the completion (for real this time) of my SimCity Retrospective.


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