Review: Minecraft

September 1, 2012

There’s actually a little bit of a story behind this one. Last…November, I think, I was helping my mom pick out some stuff for her two year old class. On the way to the puzzles she was looking for, I spotted Legos and my mind instantly turned to Minecraft. I decided to do a post comparing the similarities between Minecraft and Legos, but later decided against it when I realized that comparing Minecraft to Legos: A.) wouldn’t even come close to sustaining a full post, and B.) was kind of a dumb idea.

So, MinecraftMinecraft is the singularity of sandbox gameplay. It far surpasses any other title in terms of sheer potential. Do you like crafting? There are shit-tons of it. Hate crafting? A mod lets you give yourself any items you need. Enjoy model railroads? Build one! Like gold? Dig perilously close to lava to get it! Are you a fan of wheat and the process wheat goes through to become bread? Minecraft has you covered.

See, this is the real problem I have explaining this game. It’s barely a game, but what’s there is so far-reaching that you can get lost in all the aspects of this game for hours. Literally. I have gotten lost wandering around in the game, and if you don’t have a map it is very easy.

But if you need to waste some time, Minecraft is the game for you.


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