Review: Delocated

June 14, 2012

Delocated, as with much of [adult swim] fare, is a weird show. And in the same way, too, this strangeness comes from the premise. It is ostensibly a reality show centered around “Jon”, a member of the witness protection program now living in New York City after testifying against the Mafiya.

That’s not the weird part. Well, yeah, it’s weird, but there’s more to the show that’s weird. Before we get into this episode, let me summarize the third season. “Jon”‘s wife is killed, the Russian Mob frames him for both making mouth-love to a sandwich and murdering a member of a Triad tong “Jon” was using for protection, and the Chinese gangsters stand on the edge of war with the Russian Mob.

And then we see “Jon” waking up in a gray and orange half-shirt, a trucker cap, and orange zebra striped pants. As it turns out, the bar that has it’s label on the shirt and cap was the setting for a “public impulse therapy session”. Or in lay terms, they got drunk as fuck on shots and he doesn’t remember a thing. Also, there was a Girls Gone Wild parody taping in the bar, Ladies Done Gone Nuts. After his therapist advises him to be impulsive, “Jon” pulls up the balaclava he uses to hide his face.

As with most plot-based things, I’m not going to give away the end, but suffice it to say Delocated mixes just the right amount of drama and comedy for my tastes.


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