Review: Loiter Squad

June 10, 2012

I will say this for the show – it’s a lot more coherent than the impression I got from the promos. What I expected was fifteen solid minutes of random bullshit in the style of those bad YouTube videos where a bunch of dickheads do dickheadish things while one dickhead laughs at the other dickhead while that dickhead gets hurt but sadly isn’t crippled for life. What I got was two or three main sketches broken up with a few mini-skits.

For instance, the episode I saw started off with a Jackass parody called Blackass, with one of them claiming that he’s going to kick his father’s ass all day. He bursts in on his father on the toilet and promptly gets shot in the knee.

I really wish I were joking.

The second main sketch series focuses on a video game, Kung Fu Lookin’ Ass Ninjas, which is a more or less straight parody of Mortal Kombat. And the final main series revolves around a beef between two gangsta rappers, Young N**** and Young Gunshot, sparked by a Dreamcast copy of, fittingly enough, Kung Fu Lookin’ Ass Ninjas.

I was wrong about this show. It’s still not my thing, and I’ll probably never actively watch another episode, but it’s not nearly as dumb as I initially thought. I really blame Adult Swim on this one, because the ads made it seem a lot dumber.


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