Review: The Eric Andre Show

June 8, 2012

The Eric Andre Show in a phrase: what is this i dont even

But, since I can’t in good conscience post a thirteen word review, I’m going to go over what happens. Eric Andre comes in and does the most thorough job I’ve ever seen of trashing a set. This is actually pretty good, up until the part where he starts squirting ketchup and mustard into his crotch and splashing a restrained man with boiling water.

It should be noted that I didn’t skip a step there. He goes from trashing the set to condiment crotch to boiling water.

And then we see him dressed in a powdered wig and colonial clothes claiming to be Thomas Jefferson and motorboting a large black strippers butt. From there, back to the studio where they have Tatyana Ali and he and Hannibal Burress are asking what she’s doing later. Other highlights include Eric Andre and Hannibal Burress trying to start a band while filling time for a guest they couldn’t get, the pair offering white hoods and miniature Confederate flags to a meeting of Tea Party members, and a song by fake Shirley Temple.

On the whole, the show isn’t bad. It’s weird, sure, but it’s a different kind of weird than Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!. Where Tim and Eric seem (to me; all of this is opinion) to deal in a sort of ironic un-comedy, The Eric Andre Show is a little more…normal, for lack of a better word. I don’t know what it is, but it feels like the humor’s gone through a refining process, that all the actions were planned out. I don’t know. I might be inclined to check this out again in the future.


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