Coming Attractions: May 2012

May 9, 2012

You know, after Shock Treatment wound up being pretty good, it got me thinking the past few days about the nature of sequels. It’s not unreasonable to think that a successful movie might get a follow-up, whether or not it feels warranted. And so, I’m making May sequel month.

March 11: As I mentioned in what would later turn out to be my 100th review, I am a fan of Eddie Murphy…most of the time. This is not one of those times, because Beverly Hills Cop III.

March 18: FlatOut3 proves that videogames can crank out crappy sequels just as well as movies can.

March 25th: Oh, National Lampoon. How you have fallen from the heady days of Christmas Vacation to making Van Wilder II: The Rise of Taj.

March 31st: We wrap up May with Driv3r, whose main character has been described by Rockstar Games as “[moving] like his bowels have let go.”


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