Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition

December 30, 2011

I…have a history with this game. I was in college, and it was right around the time that the game came out – which would make it my fourth year. I was taking a class in either 3D modeling or animation, and my teacher had the game. It was right around Spring Break, so the course was already over (despite the fact that we had one more week of class – still can’t exactly figure that out), the final projects were handed in, and Mr. V. brought in his desktop, rigged it to the projector, and we all took turns playing the game (If I remember right,  he also brought in the leaked work print of the movie sometime earlier).

I remember being blown away by the visuals back then, and they’ve aged remarkably well in almost three years. The only little fault I find is the wound texture. During the game, as Wolverine takes ungodly amounts of punishment wounds will start showing up on his body. The textures are a little jagged, but the fact that they appear and recede based on your health is pretty cool.

And let’s talk about Wolverine for a minute. Wolverine is just such a bad-ass. Let me paint a picture for you: Wolverine is somewhere that looks like a destroyed power plant in central Europe, taking on soldiers who look like a mix between Fallout‘s Brotherhood of Steel and a SWAT team. He flat-out destroys three of them, one clawing through a wall and one after jumping through a wall, takes two point blank shotgun blasts to the chest, and then stands back up and destroys another three soldiers. And then the game starts. In my first forty-five minutes of play, I lunged at between twenty five and one hundred enemies (because that is the single most awesome way to kill enemies), climbed a destroyed rope bridge (wishing there was another enemy at the top so I could lunge at him because holy shit how awesome would that be), tore a leviathan’s head off, and got in a bar fight with Sabertooth (and made my wrist sore jumping and dodging away from him). That’s where I stopped playing, because I was laughing about how ridiculously awesome this game is.

The story’s kind of…eeah? Not that it matters – I played through the entirety of the first level without knowing what was going on, and really not giving half a damn. All I knew for sure is that there were people with guns and machetes attacking me, and they were going down. I really did lose myself in the game, and with the price having come down, I say it’s worth the money. I think the copy I found was something like twenty dollars when I found it. It might be down to ten now that we’re past Christmas.


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