Review: Fable III

December 28, 2011

Gather ’round friends and I shall tell the tale of the Hero of Albion. Once, many years ago, the Old Kingdom was governed by men called the Archons. The first Archon’s rule was peaceful, and his people were prosperous. But slowly the source of the Archon’s power, the Sword of Aeons, began to corrupt him. Soon, the land fell into ruin, each city controlling their lands. The Hero of Albion was but a boy when his home town of Oakvale was attacked by the Jack of Blades.

Under the tutelage of the old hero Maze, the Hero of Albion grew into a champion of the Heroes Guild and in time took his revenge on the Jack of Blades. The child would go on to become the new King of Albion, ruling for fifty years until, at the dawn of the age of industry, his death led to the takeover of the kingdom by his son, Logan, who rules the land with an iron hand. The people are unhappy with Logan’s policies. And so the Second Hero of Albion rose to cast off their brother and take control of the kingdom.

Fable III is really all I could ask for in a fantasy game. An interesting storyline, good visuals, characters you actually want to care about, magic, swords, and best of all for me, guns! I have been looking for a fantasy game that includes firearms for such a long time; In fact, if Oblivion had guns, there’s a decent chance that I would never play anything else ever. Fable III is around thirty dollars now – I’d say it’s worth it.


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