Politics? Oh noooooooo

December 7, 2011

Yeah, I’m going to say something political now. So, if you’re not that into politics, or if you just aren’t interested in what I have to say politically, you’re excused from this portion of the blog. I’ll have another part of the SimCity 4 LP up later this week.

Everyone else gone? Good. So, PROTECT IP. If you like this site for any reason, or if you like let’s plays, or whatever those clips of anime set to music are called, or video memes, or youtube in general, please, either call or write your representatives in congress and tell them to vote against this bill. And for God’s sake, don’t coddle them. Being nice hasn’t worked for decades, it’s not likely to work now. You’ve got to tell them you’re pissed, and if they don’t take a stand we’ll replace them with someone who will.

If you need to find out how to contact them, there’s a listing at http://www.contactingthecongress.org/.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet browsing.

EDIT: Holy shit, you guys! You guys, holy shit! The Stop Online Piracy Act (the senate counterpart to PIPA) went before the Judiciary Committee on the 15th, and because of the internet outcry it did not make it to a vote. In fact, because of people writing and calling their congress members, more than twenty amendments to the bill had to be voted on before they got to the bill at large. These amendments took so long that they couldn’t get to it before the winter recess! Not only that, but companies supporting the bill have withdrawn their support because the backlash made it toxic. To quote americancensorship.org, Internet, you are awesome.

SOPA and PIPA are winded, but they’re not beat yet. Round 2 starts January 5th.


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