Review: Hacker Evolution Duality

November 25, 2011

Hoo boy.

This one…I don’t even…where do I…It’s not good. It’s not horrible, but it’s not good.

They changed the game mechanics from the original, first of all. That’s not the bad thing. In fact, I kind of like the new interface. A lot of people are calling it more like a real time strategy game, but it reminds me more of the way special attacks work in the more recent Final Fantasy games. You have two attacks to take down firewalls: a denial of service (DoS) attack, where you have to match the data levels on various ports with sliders, and an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, delivered by a fucking GoldenEye satellite!

The real trouble starts with the new opposing hacker AI. These guys…are un-FUCKING-believable! For instance, they have the same attacks that you do, because the Soviets clearly launched hundreds of EMP satellites that they never used to win the cold war. Second, despite the fact that the game never tells you that they’ll become hostile on their own, if you wait around long enough, say about two minutes, they’ll suddenly decide to EMP the ever loving fuck out of you and your computer. You know, because hackers…evil?

I really don’t get this. If your AI can at any moment go Severnaya on your ass, why would you not tell the player that in the tutorial? It explains every other part of the game except for the fact that enemy hackers are apparently colossal douchenozzles. And all this frustration for the low, low price of $30! But the worst part, the absolute fuckness, is the way that Exosyphen Studios responded when someone brought this up to them. You’ll never guess what the response was. In fact, I’ll give you a minute. Grab a pen or pencil and piece of scrap paper and write down how you think a professional game studio would respond to this. I’ll wait.

Are you ready? They told the person who was complaining that they were playing wrong. I am not even kidding. I took a screenshot, just in case they delete their post in the above link.


By my estimation, this game is worth…I’d say about fifteen bucks, and that’s only if the level editor they’ve been hinting at for a future update comes to fruition. Without it, well I’d say ten. Even then, I’d say avoid it, if you have problems with it they’ll probably just say you’re starting it up wrong.



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  2. An optimist!
    The game was simply bad designed. The thing about strategy games is: use your own capacity to reach a goal. In hacker evo duality the game is about something completely different…
    The AI destroyed the game! When I first saw it, I was like “Woah! that will be really amazing! The game’ll be 10x better now!”… if only I knew… The game turned out on being about “pray so the AI won’t randomly go rogue this time”… The AI made the game so hard that they had to turn down the rest of the dificulty, that done, all you need to do is restart your game everytime an AI randomly goes rogue. Result: a luck game, sometimes way too hard or, if you’re lucky, way too easy.

    A Real dissapointment looking back at the previous games, as a fan.

  3. Not to mention that $%^#%^$^% buggy interface…

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