Review: Garry’s Mod

September 30, 2011

Garry’s Mod is one of those games that kind of difficult to explain. In this case, the difficulty comes from the open ended nature and complete lack of rules (apart from those governing physics). Would you like to defend a base from an attack by headcrab zombies or alien-human techno-hybrids? Or how about building your own house out of crates? Maybe you’d like to ride a rocket made of oil drums into the sky and come down without a scratch or launch explosive barrels out of a concrete sewer pipe? All of these and more can be done.

In fact, there are multiplayer servers where you can choose a class, earn in-game money, and even start your own shop. Or if you’re not into the whole capitalism thing, start up single player and just start dicking around. If you have more serious goals in mind, Garry’s Mod is an invaluable tool for those machinima and comic makers who work in the Half-Life universe.

Most of the fun comes from experimenting with the physics, with most experiments having the goal of shooting flaming barrels at wooden targets. There’s no real story to speak of except for that which you create yourself. On the other hand, I’ve misspent hours of my time in high school and college going in and playing with the physics. Plus, it’s only $10, and much more entertaining the the Deadliest Warrior game on Xbox Live.


One comment

  1. Garry’s mod isn’t that hard to explain. You blow stuff up, build stuff, blow it up, blow other people’s stuff up, Mess with stuff that people build then blow it up and pop balloons. Very simple.

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