Let’s Play SimCity 4! (Part 2.5: Mental Outpatient)

September 29, 2011

From the files of Dr. Michelle Neustadt, Ph.D, Dec. 29 2000.

As part of a required annual analysis of  public officials, I interviewed the mayor of Henningsdorf and his staff. While it is not uncommon for those with power to be somewhat off, I was hoping for at least one of them to be mentally healthy. This was sadly not the case.

Mayor Kevin Dixon

As all of the staff had  been in a meeting at the mayoral mansion, I decided to do all of the interviews there. I met the mayor in his upstairs office, leaning back in his office chair with his feet up, apparently engrossed in his music. Once he noticed me, he took a more professional posture. “Oh, I’m sorry. I hope you weren’t waiting too long. I just got the new Elton John album, it’s pretty good.”l

I replied that I wasn’t, and the interview began. We talked about just how an American became the mayor of a German city, his impression of his staff, all the while he was eyeing the liquor cabinet. After our interview, I heard keys jingling and and the sound of glass against glass.

ANALYSIS: Mayor Dixon clearly has a case of alcoholism, judging by his trembling and how he went for the liquor cabinet the second I left. Despite this, he seems to be able to act in a timely manner when situations demanding his attention occur.

Neil Fairbanks

I met with Neil Fairbanks over the kitchen table, where I found him reviewing, revising, and re-revising plans for future city expansion. We talked of his past career experience, where he got his start and things of that nature, all the while he was shifting about his papers and twirling his pen in his fingers. Even while he was answering my questions, his eyes kept darting down to his papers. Seconds after I left him, he was back to his revisions.

ANALYSIS: Mr. Fairbanks clearly suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and perfectionism, manifesting in his job as city planner. If what Mr. Dixon has told me is true, add to that hypomania. However, none of these adversely affect his job performance.

Monique Diamond

I found Monique Diamond in the study, going over her ledgers and looking for anywhere to make cuts in order to balance the budget. We talked about her experience keeping the books, looking after the finances of the city, and dealing with the quirks of her coworkers. She seemed particularly irked with Mayor Dixon, although after looking over the budget there wasn’t much cause for concern.

ANALYSIS: Ms. Diamond shows textbook signs of being a workaholic, as evidenced by her obsession with figures and budgets. She also seems to have trust issues, possibly stemming from difficulty with a previous employer or family member. My main concern is with her physical health, as the constant reviews and revisions of finances will eventually lead to immune system and/or heart problems.

Jonas Sparks

Jonas Sparks was out in a workshop behind the mansion. Out of all of his team, Mr. Sparks was the one that the mayor had been the most worried about. After seeing him, I wasn’t quite sure why. He invited me in, offered me a bottle of soda, and began to show me the various inventions he’d been working on. One which he seemed especially proud of was a way for entire buildings to be packed into a box the size of a shipping crate that would, when struck with a wrench, unfold into the fully formed and functional building.

He told me about his past, growing up in rural Texas, spending his summers with his aunt and uncle and his inventions. It was all very…creative, possibly a flight of fancy born of boredom.

ANALYSIS: Mr. Sparks shows signs of perfectionism and seems to hold his uncle in high regard, elevating him to an almost idol-like status. He has occasional fantastic ideas that he seems to be convinced are possible, but none of these threaten his job performance in any appreciable way.

Sam Armstrong

Sam Armstrong was in his own study, going over crime statistics. He seemed a little distant during the interview, distracted by a picture on his desk. Mr. Armstrong had a very long career – coming up through the ranks of the police force in Bridgeport to become chief of police and later public safety advisor. Having such a high-stress position was difficult, he admitted, but he’d found the challenge invigorating, even if it didn’t leave any time for romance.

ANALYSIS: Mayor Dixon mentioned that he believes that he accidentally caught Mr. Armstrong trying to look at Ms. Dean while she was dressing. At first I didn’t believe him, but after the interview, I’m not ready to rule out voyeurism and/or social disorders.

Bettina Dean

I am intimately familiar with Bettina Dean. Many years ago, we worked together on a case study about public health for the city of Chicago. Back in those days, she was always very professional, if a little uptight. Judging by our interview, not much has changed. She seems to have loosened up considerably from those days, and admitted to being infatuated with Mr. Armstrong.

ANALYSIS: Ms. Dean and Mr. Armstrong both have high-stress jobs, and it seems only natural that they would be attracted to each other. She seems to have a minor obsession with her work, but not to the level that it would interfere with her on a day to day basis.

Jamil Heard

For Mr. Heard, I had to travel out into the field, where he was directing recently-approved road expansions. He seemed to have a genuine enthusiasm for the work, going so far as to help the road crew spread asphalt, even if his appreciation for the smell was slightly troubling. He revealed that he too had been educated in Chicago, and was Jordanian by birth. He admitted that what Mayor Dixon told me was true about his being upset at the approvals needed.

Given the composition of the rest of the cabinet, Mr. Heard may prove a useful contact in the event that the others get completely drunk.

ANALYSIS: Mr. Heard shows a minor case of bipolar disorder, which seems to be triggered by work difficulties. His aversion to alcohol is a result of his religion, and given the rest of the advisors, is a refreshing change of pace.

Camile Meadows

In order to meet with Ms. Meadows, I needed to take a jeep out into the German wilderness. A very solitary one, her. She told me of her works promoting recycling efforts and alternate energy programs in England, and how she needed to get somewhere remote after the hustle and bustle of London. She prefers to go on solitary walks to be with nature and to, as she put it, “get away from everything”.

ANALYSIS: She shows signs of depersonalization disorder, combined with possible delusions of grandeur. Her personality and desire for solitude are also indicative of introversion or an aversion of  personal relationships.

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