Review – Tropico 4

September 5, 2011

Okay, would have posted earlier, but I managed to find a paperback copy of Dune from the late seventies for two bucks. It’s not the easiest read, but once you get hold of the whole situation with the nobles, it’s worth it. So anyway, Tropico 4!

Tropico  hasn’t really changed much since the last installment. In reality, it’s more of an upgrade than it is a new installment. The GUI has been updated some, and there are some more buildings, but some of the biggest changes are probably the addition of more superpowers (China, the Middle East, and the European Union have been added), natural disasters (STOP HITTING THE TORNADO BUTTON, YOU CHUCKLEFUCK!), and the ability import resources, which can really save you if you want to export furniture but don’t want to cut down your own trees to do so.

Along with the new import/export system, the international political system has been tweaked. For instance, stay on the Middle East’s good side and you get lower prices on imported oil, or export enough goods to the Soviet Union or America and you get a relationship boost as a trading partner. And the campaign system has been updated too, and given a linear continuous  narrative.

The only problem that I’ve come across is the second mission. You take control of an island that is resource-rich but on shaky geologic ground and prone to other natural disasters. In about an hour playing, I experienced a tsunami, two earthquakes (one caused by the explosion of a shitty Chinese drill trying to rescue miners trapped by the first earthquake), and four simultaneous tornadoes. Seriously, fuck is this shit? Not to mention environmentalists and nationalists bitching about one thing or another, and China dropping by to ask for more money (and met with a “fuck off” and a swift kick in the ass), all of which happened just before I got tired of the programmers slamming their hands down on the disaster buttons and saved and quit. Other than that particular difficulty spike, yeah, it’s pretty good. The price is almost, but not quite, on the mark, at $40. It’s not a $40 game to me – it’s a $30-35 game. So maybe hold off a little bit, and if you’re desperate, play some Tropico 3 to keep the shakes at bay.


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