Coming Attractions: July

June 25, 2011

This July, I’m going to be all about Back to the Future. I figure I’ll have just celebrated six months by then, so just call it a little anniversary present from me to me.

July 1st: Where better to start this Future fest than the first movie in the series, Back to the Future, side by side with Back to the Future Episode I: It’s About Time.

July 8th: A continuing theme with Back to the Future Part II and Episode II: Get Tannen!

July 15th: We look at Episode III: Citizen Brown as Back to the Future Part III brings the end of the film series. But there are still two weeks left! Where can we possibly go from here?

July 22nd: I’ll tell you where! On the the first season of Back to the Future: The Animated Series! And the Telltale story comes to a climax with Back to the Future Episode IV: Double Visions.

July 29th: We wrap up July with the second season of the animated series, and tie up the loose ends of the time stream with the Telltale finale, Episode V: OUTATIME.


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