Coming Attractions: April

March 28, 2011

April…April is going to be tough. Seeing as April Fools season is too big of an event to be confined to a single day, I’m giving it the entire month! The fact that April Fool’s day is this Friday, well, that’s just an amazingly beautiful coincidence. Anyway, let’s get to the schedule!

April 1st: The unintentionally hilarious Tiptoes with the blatant cash-in game for the Super Nintendo, Home Improvement.

April 8th: When I say Batman: The Movie, I’m not talking Tim Burton and Michael Keaton. No, this is the original “camp” version with Adam West. As an added bonus, 25 to Life for the PC.

April 15: A day that I can only describe as Deep Hurting, we’ve prepared a Uwe Boll Double Feature! 2007’s Postal, based on a game that manages to cross the line at least fifty times, with the game adaptation of Tunnel Rats, a movie that was so awful that not even Boll, the master of shit himself, could be bothered to write a script for it.

April 22: Classic snark-bait movie Troll II with generic shooter clustefuck Terrorist Takedown. How will the Middle East ever survive?

April 29: Sean Connery old shame Zardoz with a game that raises the question, “Did they even fucking try?”, Two Worlds II.


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