Review: The Warriors and Back to the Future Episode II

March 4, 2011


A modern re-telling of Xenophon’s Anabasis, The Warriors pits nine men of the Coney Island gang, the Warriors, against all of the gangs of New York City as they make their way back home. And all of these gangs are out for the Warriors’ blood, because they’ve been falsely accused of murdering Cyrus, leader of the most powerful gang in the city, the Gramercy Riffs.

During a midnight meeting called by Cyrus, he is shot in the chest by Rogues leader Luther, played by David Patrick Kelly. He immediately accuses the Warriors of the murder, and they are forced to flee. Taking the subways and running on foot from the enemy, the Warriors must traverse the 30 miles from Van Cortlandt Park back to Coney in the course of one night.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was one of the last movies of the 1970s, and it has the feel of pre-Giuliani New York City, where the gang members outnumbered the police. The brawls are well done, and the film as a whole manages to convey an omnipresent sense of drama. If you have the chance, I would recommend you watch it.


Have you ever had the feeling of living one day of your life over and over?

When we last left our heroes, it was the night of June 13, 1931 and the time stream was as it should be. Young Emmett Brown was set on a path to a career in science, 1986 Emmett was no longer under the gun for burning down Irving “Kid” Tannen’s speakeasy, Kid Tannen seemed ready for an extended stay in prison thanks to the testimony of Arthur McFly, and Arthur McFly was alive and well. All in all, a full, rich day.

And it was at this very moment that the ripple effect caught up to Marty. It seems that Tannen didn’t appreciate his accountant answering a subpoena, and had his gang kill him and dump him on the courthouse steps. And to further complicate matters (as if you needed to with so much time travel), Officer Danny Parker recognizes Doc as the speakeasy arsonist and prepares to arrest him, forcing Marty to go back to the previous day alone in an attempt to save his grandfather’s life, dodging his other self while occasionally fading out of existence.

Okay. Enough with the storyteller voice. Marty has to sneak into Kid Tannen’s speakeasy-to-be in the basement of the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen. Once there, Marty manages to knock out two-thirds of Kid’s gang, trap the third in the “soup” elevator, and rescue his grandfather, telling him to keep out of sight but close to Hill Valley. With this latest crisis of existence averted, Marty picks up Doc and heads back home to 1986.

Unfortunately, all is not well with the McFly family. Because certain events in the 1930s failed to happen due to the absence of Arthur McFly, Kid never goes to jail, and the Tannen Mob is the fifth largest crime family in the state of California, and they have taken it upon themselves to terrorize the McFly family.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, Biff now has two younger brothers!

This episode picks up where the first one left off, and like the first episode, it contains the classic Back to the Future story. Something goes wrong while in the past, either by accident or design, and steps have to be taken to correct the time  stream. Telltale games has once again proven to be the masters of the point-and-click game, like LucasArts before them. On a related note, I’m very excited for episode III. There is no doubt in my mind that it will live up to the expectations that I have after the first two.


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