Coming Attractions: March

February 28, 2011

Theme month is over, and I’m very proud of myself, not missing a single scheduled update for a month. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I am normally much flakier than this when it comes to blogs. Anyway, tomorrow is a new month, with its own set of scheduled reviews.

March 4: March starts off with the 1979 classic The Warriors, alongside the newly released Back to the Future: The Game, Episode II. Both are good, but will they make two great tastes that taste great together?

March 11: For the start of what I’m calling the Sci-Fi Fortnight, 2002’s Minority Report, the film adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick novel, and the thematically-unrelated Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

March 18: The proto-alien movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still next to True Crime: Los Angeles. When classic sci-fi meets a GTA clone, will anyone be able to survive?

March 25: We finish out the month with Hot Fuzz and the soon-to-be-released Back to the Future: The Game, Episode III. The team responsible for Shaun of the Dead takes on crime in the English countryside, and an alternate universe where Hill Valley is ruled by the iron-fisted “First Citizen” Brown.


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