Coming Attractions: February

January 31, 2011

February starts tomorrow, and with it begins Theme Month. Each week, a new theme, and hopefully something that I can squeeze some comedy out of.

February 4: Cop Drama Week starts us off with Heat and SWAT 4. Hooray! Robberies and…more robberies.

February 11: God Week, featuring Dogma and Left Behind: Eternal Forces. Will the combined forces of Linda Fiorentino and an army of Ned Flanders’ be enough to stave off the antichrist?

February 18: Theme Month continues with Political Thriller Week, bringing The Sum of all Fears alongside Command and Conquer: Generals. Will Dressler’s plan succeed, or will America, China and the GLA work together in time to stop him?

February 25: Theme Month ends with World War II Week. War classic The Dirty Dozen paired with Call of Duty, the franchise that took shooting Nazis and ran it into the ground.


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